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Why Avocados are Beneficial to Your Health!

Last month, we mentioned how Avocados are #1 on the list of the Clean 15. The Clean 15 is the Environmental Working Group Guide that educates people on which Fruits and Veggies are alright to eat without it necessarily being organic because they are not full of pesticides or are pesticide free.

This month, we want to go a step forward and tell you why it is important to add Avocados to your diet (lifestyle). Avocado is an unsaturated fat; meaning a good fat that helps lower cholesterol level and keeps your heart and bones healthy and strong. By in-taking avocados,

news studies have come out to show that it helpful with brain and cognitive health as well as one ages. Avocados are filled with vitamins and minerals that can help in this process like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, E and B6. In addition, Avocados usually offer 10g or more worth of fiber depending on the size; this helps to alleviate constipation as well helps foods move through the digest process rather quickly.

Avocados give you the feeling of fullness so that when you are hungry you will not over eat. You can eat avocados so many ways, it is not wonder it is good to for more than one type of meal. Avocados can be used like a condiment on bread and crackers; use it as a green creamy buttery like spread. One can add it to a smoothie or can make some guacamole or use it as a dipping sauce of your choice; the options are endless. Hey since it is Cinco De Mayo Month, it is a perfect time to make some guacamole and green margaritas and if you are loving that; try to incorporate an avocado into your healthy regime at least two to three times a week. A simple salad with lime or lemon dressing with hemp on top will do the trick in filling you up for lunch or dinner. Instead of using fried chips to dip in your guacamole in try to use, vegetables instead. Seek alternative like celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli and of course carrots to satisfy your cravings. It is not only healthier; it will help with not adding any extra unhealthy fat from saturated fats to your diet.

So, the next time you need a snack, instead of grabbing for chips or unhealthy dips, grab an avocado or make some guacamole, a salad, smoothie or get creative and make something with the green fruit that is unique. The possibilities are endless and you can’t go wrong with an Avocado for optimum health.

The Ultimate Guacamole Recipe

Preparation Time: 10 -15 minutes or less.

Serving Size (6+)

(4) Haas Avocados (Originated from Florida or California)

(1) Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper (Yes, Yes!)

(1/2) Cups of Cilantro (We Love Cilantro)

(1/2) Lime to Squeeze and/or Garnish

(1) Tomato (Dice it Up)

(1) Shallot

(1/2) Onion

(1/2) Teaspoon of Ground Cumin

(1/2) Teaspoon Peppercorn Pepper

(1/2) Jalapeno Pepper (If you can stand the heat) (Optional)

(1) Teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt (Optional)

Recipe Preparation(s)

Cut the Avocado in half. In a bowl mix up all of the ingredients after chopping. Add in the avocado and mash it all up. We usually use (1) cup of cilantro and some serious peppers for it be potent from the heat. It keeps us happy, healthy and well; but can make for a runny nose while eating, but it is so freaking delicious.

Garnish with a lime.

Enjoy & Have Some More!

You can also throw all these ingredients into a Blender as we sometimes do when we want to speed things up a bit. Blendtec whips up a good dipping sauce or marinade too in under a minute. So, if time is an issue give this option a whirl.


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