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Pillow Fight Day, Have Fun!

Feeling a little stressed out and want to blow off some steam? Need to laugh/giggle and or smile? Want to meet some new people in a different type of way, while at the same time having a good time? Want to feel like a kid, but still be an adult? Want to have fun with your little ones and take lots of picture from the excitement? This April 7th you can do these things plus more effortlessly by participating in the International Pillow Fight Day. This day is always held the first Saturday of the month in April and is known as a fun and exciting Spring activity. You can partake or celebrate in this day no matter where you are in the world. The goal is just to have fun while whacking people all around you with a pillow. You will find indeed find elation while participating in this stress relieving activity.

How to Participate

Challenge your neighbors, families, friends and even friend-nemies to a dual of the pillows. Whether you are at home, in the hall way, back yard or out in the park lift a pillow for excitement. The only pre-requisites are to make sure to have fun, have a soft pillow, strong arm and a smile to show you mean no real harm.

So, get ready to pull out that nice, soft, fluffy pillow (we don’t want to hurt no body) and get set to go swinging to release some stress. Make sure to have lots of fun in the process and be determined to open yourself up to meeting new folks.

If you live in NYC come on down to Washington Square Park between 2pm and 5pm and join in on the fun festivities. Don’t forget to bring your soft pillow(s), but if you don’t have one you can get one for a $5 donation.

Washington, DC & the Metro area Folks head over to 1400 Independence Avenue for the festivities. The event takes place from 2pm to 4pm.

PS: Don't forget to help clean up when you are finished partaking in your pillow fight experience. If the pillow breaks, know that their are always some more you can buy that will benefit some charity. Lastly, try not to use feather pillows, other than that smile, laugh and have some serious fun throwing that pillow!

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