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World Water Day 2018 (5 Things to Consider)

Today, Thursday, March 22nd, 2018, marks the 25th anniversary of what is noted as International World Water Day. The theme for the day in 2018 is “Nature for Water” meaning that we can and should use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. The United Nations General Assembly chose to introduce and celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd back in 1993 at the urging of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) that occurred in December of 1992. In three little months change was implemented to bring awareness about the many concerns and issues that have been in existent with water around the globe. Since then, the United Nations, Sustainable Development platform goal number 6 was developed to have everyone around the world have fresh drinking and bathing water by 2030.

In this United States, we all too often take access to every day water availability for granted, not realizing how blessed we are as a nation to have water so easily and readily available to us at just about any direction we turn. However, on other continents many are not so fortunate. Folks must journey on down to lakes, ponds, rivers and wells to get their water that may not be the healthiest and travel back with it to their homes on their heads or various apparatus they develop via sticks, barrels and other things they find in their environment to cart the water back without dropping it. Sometimes this water causes upset stomachs, vomiting and serious intestinal issues because it is far from clean and may be contaminated with environmental waste, but yet that is all that is available for use, therefore, leaving those in the predicament to deal or be severely dehydrated. The choice is easy when one has to decide to live with either dirty water or no water at all, but the chances of getting very ill from their decision is also very high and makes the illness and death rate for women and babies extremely high; especially in third world countries.

Water is what helps sustain life and keeps fluid moving through our veins. Enough of it on a regular basis helps our bodies function at an optimum level as well as helps to maintain a youthful appearance. Life without pure living or freshwater is not a fulfilling life at all; pure healthy water is indeed essential to live life every day by every man, woman and child no matter where they are in the world.

This World Water Day, know that according to the United Nations over 2.1 Billion people in this world do not have adequate water in their homes. Over 150 million people do not have access to safe drinking or sustainable water which causes them to get stomach aches, diarrhea and other diseases. Many people throughout the world, like so many in parts of African must travel 20 minutes or more to obtain water which is not always the healthiest or safest to obtain from the get go.

5 Ways to Help

  1. The Voss Foundation has a 31-day challenge that is pretty easy to fulfill; They call it 31 Days To Make A Difference. They are asking people to like their FB page starting today until Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 (EARTH DAY) and when they obtain 31,000 like’s they will be able to build 3 more water systems for Sub-Saharan Africa, which will help the people who have been struggling to get by for years, have the necessary pristine water that is needed to sustain survival.

  2. Be Mindful of how much water you consume unnecessarily, hence running water when you are not using it; which is indeed wasting it.

  3. Consume less meat. Going meatless one to two time(s) a week will help the environment.

  4. Be grateful for the water you do have at your disposal and send love and thanksgiving to it for sustaining your days on earth.

  5. Donate to a water or environmental cause. There are so many communities that are not as fortunate as the one you reside or work in that need your assistance.

This World Water Day whether you are finding ways to reduce waste, save energy, or simply be a better, more informed conscious individual, small actions can make an immense imprint on the fresh water that can play a major part in enhancing many people lives both near and far. Let’s take our awareness from WWD and use it to progress through the remainder of March and keep up the momentum going forward for 31 days until Earth Day. You will surely witness how powerful your choice to make or live a more sustainable lifestyle will be for yourself and others; not mention how bless you are to have all that you already have.


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