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Living Life To The Fullest, Chapter III

If you had a crystal ball would you be living your life much differently than you are doing today? If you answered yes, what is holding you back, from living the life you so desire? These are simple, yet heavy questions, that takes a lot of thought or maybe some serious reflecting, but time is-a-ticking and unfortunately there is no rewind button or time capsule to go back and do what you forgot or wanted to do in the past, but today you can start brand new if you decide to. If you choose to, you can leave the problems and pains of the past where they are and move forward knowing that you still have time to climb any mountain to achieve your hearts desire.

Procrastination, complaining, and having pity parties can be dangerous things that throws one’s life off serious course and into complete chaos. How do you make the change to start living your life to the fullest? This is done simply by deciding to stop making excuses and procrastinating and just act on what you say you are going to do other than just talk about. You can talk to you blue and then look back on your life which you are probably doing now and wondering where did the time go, why did I not do this, that and the other? In many cases, it is not to late to accomplish with you want and if you think it is, get creative and find ways to demystify the myth.

The time we have on this earth are numbered, for some it will be short and for others it would be long, however, if you are alive to read this blog post, you should not be sitting around in a depressive funk wasting your days living in negativity. There is indeed life still in you, for you do to something about what it is you do not like about the direction your life has gone. You still have things to do, dreams to fulfill, people to meet or make an impression on. No need to live in darkness when you can be a light in someone else’s life with the testimonies you share to provide insight on what you have been through and how you came out alright. The smile you give out or the simple “Good Morning” or “Hello” that will make someone’s day are all ways that you can start with lifting you own spirit on your life journey. That dash between the beginning of your time on earth is still in play, meaning it is not too late to revive those dreams that you thought were departed. Stop making excuses, complaining, procrastinating and having pity parties and get off your butt and do something about everything you keep whining about or are not doing. There are no wonder so many kids of today complain so much, they learn from what they witness in their environment. Only people who enjoy being around complainers, whiners and procrastinators are those who do the same things themselves. Complaining about things without taking any actions to better the situation(s) is dead works; not to mention quite unproductive in moving forward with producing positive outcomes vs. the negatives ones that stick like a powerful magnet.

Beginning this March 2018, do yourself a favor and think about what it is that you really, really want out of this life and find ways to go for it. It is O.K to start where you are right here and now; even if you are afraid. If you need assistance in finding the right direction or track to go, seek out assistance via trusted advisers, professionals, supportive family members, friends, clubs, groups or ministries. Due to the invention of social media it quite odd to see the amount of people that are still very lonely, depressed and in pain living a lifeless life; one of just going through the motions with no goals sought to obtain. Stop it, don’t waste another day having a pity party, procrastinating, complaining about what you can’t change or how bad your life has been. This month, take grasp of your life and hold yourself accountable for where you are and where you want to be.

Forgive yourself and let the past behaviors and decisions that did not turn out the way you had hope them to go by the way side. Declare today as the first day of your new beginning and write down things you want to change about yourself and situation and move yourself in the direction to start putting your goals/plans into achievable actions. Note that every day will not be perfect, but that does not grant you the right to give up when the going gets tough. Stick with something new for this month, without criticizing yourself and event when the negativity pops up, shake it off and say “Go Away, I am committed to doing this to better me”, whatever your new “this” may be; try your hardest to not get deterred with what you are setting out to accomplish on your shift in a new direction. Start from where you are right now, in this moment, think about; seriously ponder on where you want to be in the near and distant future; aim to get there by setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant/realistic and time-bound goals).

Get out and meet new people, understanding that not all will be able to assist you, but some will be able to help you open your eyes and see things through less judgmental lenses. You may meet someone who has less than you, but who is a lot more content and happy than you are; helping you to see all that you should be grateful for. You may meet someone who will drain you and help you to see how you do that same thing to others.

You may meet someone who genuinely wants you to be and achieve the very best and will do all they can to support you in your endeavors. Remember, if you want something different, you must do things differently. You are going to really want get around new people that may be vibrating on a higher frequency than what you have grown accustomed to for self-betterment. You are going to want to be around people who are achievers and don’t always complain when things become arduous, but those who seek out solutions to resolve their concerns or problems. Jim Rohn coined the phrase “ we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” If you are not liking the results, don’t blame anyone or get rid of them as friends; simple do things differently within yourself so that you can begin to attract and meet people who you aspire to be like. If a relationship is no longer befitting to you let it go and set yourself free from the toxicity.

Nothing in this life is permanent, therefore take the time you have and shoot for the stars and the moon and be the very best person you can be during your time here on earth. Live your life to the fullest each day. Live like you are dying and listen to the song by Kris Allen, it may be just the eye opener you need to get up and make that change this March.

So, this March 2018, try to start taking 100% ownership for all that has happened in your life; own it now that you have become aware of things that you may have done to have caused your life to spiral in a direction you do not want, words, actions or in-action, don’t deny it, just decide now is the time to do something about it. Stop settling for less than what you desire and start getting more of what you really want. Think of one thing you can do to start walking or shifting your life in the direction that you desire it to go in so that you can begin to move on with no regrets. There is no need to live in bondage of negativity by complaining, procrastinating, whining and having a pity party any longer’ it is time for you to Live Life To The Fullest.

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