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5 Reasons To Add Turmeric To Your Diet

You’ve probably have been hearing a lot about turmeric lately; especially because of its anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as a host of medicinal properties. Turmeric is not new, it is an herbaceous perennial plant which is a part of the ginger family, basically cousins and it has been around for ages and used regularly in Asia and India. Yet, somehow it has reached the western world and they are talking about it as if it is new, but it is not. If you have ever had the condiment mustard; most mustard's get its color from turmeric, the same is true for curry powder and other foods with that golden color..

Turmeric offers up many benefits to enhance one’s diet (lifestyle) that we highly recommend that you start adding it to your routine at least once a week.

Turmeric benefits are endless; especially for tendinitis and arthritis sufferers. This post was written to provide 5 reasons why you may want to consider adding turmeric to you your diet now. Turmeric may be consumed in the form of capsules, by sprinkling some in your food via powder or slices, or by juicing or blending them it in your drinks and/or by simply making a hot turmeric tea with lemon. (Check out our blog post on that.)

  1. It is an anti-inflammatory: Yes, turmeric is a natural inflammatory without all of the side effects of a drugs that have the potential to destroy your liver. You can consume it any way listed above to aid in relieving the parts of your body that are inflamed and in continuous pain.

  2. It helps to rid the body of the common cold: Feeling a little under the weather, try some turmeric tea or soup. It may not taste the best, but because of its potent medicinal properties (curcumin) and add some garlic, you will be killing the bacteria that is causing your body to feel weak to fell well in no time; meaning 3 days or less with rest. Always remember to wash your hands when leaving the rest room and before putting anything in your mouth and always cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough and turn away and maybe even hold your breath for a few seconds when someone close to you sneezes or coughs without covering their mouth.

  3. It assists with better digestion and relieves flatulence: Since so many people have indigestion and acid reflux, curcumin the potent medicinal property in turmeric helps to relieve such issues. Bile plays an important role in digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine after gallbladder is stimulated by the curcumin. The curcumin within turmeric helps relieves the gas and toxins from your system.

  4. It is an excellent source of fiber: turmeric does offer up some cleansing effects within the body. You may notice you will be going to the restroom a little more often, it is nothing to be alarmed by, it is your bodies way of getting rid of years of gunk/junk. When you flush the system, you almost always manage to flush some fat out, which helps to lose weight in the process.

  5. It helps to lower blood sugar levels. Adding turmeric, black pepper and lemon to a liquid drink or curcumin and black pepper to a meal will do wonders in helping the body to absorb the benefits of turmeric while lowering insulin resistance. As a bonus turmeric helps alleviate excess low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from the body too. A healthy LDL is less than 129mg/dL with less than 100mg/dL being best. So using turmeric to improve one's sugar and cholesterol levels is an ideal asset for great health.

If you are seeking a great company who produces turmeric products look for Mega Food. They have a whole line of great products such as blood builder, men and women multivitamins, B12, but their Turmeric Strength for Whole Body helps to maintain a healthy inflammation response according to their researchers.

Check with your physician before use and especially if you are on blood thinners.


Arthritis Foundation

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