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Spicy Hot, Warming Tea to Calm the Winter Chills!

It is so very cold outside, which means it is imperative to stay warm and protect oneself from getting a cold consisting of too much phlegm in the body; which may eventually cause one to become bed ridden with a common cold. I have an exceptional warming tea to make the experience from the winter blues/chills more bearable, while also helping to protect against the common cold or alleviate it if you already have one. This spicy warming tea is also very good for many different health issues; it also may help one to lose some unwanted weight if that is desired. This spicy hot, warming tea, key ingredients are cayenne pepper and ginger; these two spices together helps provide that kick one so needs to feel better all over. The tea is very simple to make, it also helps relieve poor digestion, poor circulation, headaches, cramps, the common cold, sore throats among many other things, inclusive of detoxification and the removal of excess phlegm from the body. This tea is also great because it is an anti-inflammatory and these days who could not use that?

This Hot & Spicy Warming Tea may not be the best tasting tea at first though the maple syrup or honey does help, but I guarantee it will grow on you in no time and if you have heavy mucous build-up you want to get rid of; you will so appreciate it even more. I personally don’t use anything to sweeten this tea because I love the benefits from the natural strength too much, but not all can handle what appears to be great medicinal properties of this tea alone which is why we suggested adding Maple Syrup or (Honey) as an option for those who need a sweetener that is low on the glycemic index scale. Today is the perfect day to start warming things up with this Spicy, Hot Tea.

Here is what you will need to make this powerful tea.

Serving Size (4+)

(2) pieces of ginger (Thumb size)

(1) Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper (Yes, Yes!)

(8) Cups of Water (8oz x 8)

(1) Lemon(s) to Squeeze & Garnish

(1) Tablespoon of Natural Sweetener (Optional)

(1) Teaspoon of Turmeric or Fresh Turmeric Root (Optional)

Recipe Preparation(s)

In a tea pot with or without an infuser, boil water and ginger (turmeric root optional) for 15 to 25 minutes depending on how strong you want it. Never boil with the ginger less than 15 minutes for it will not be as potent.

Strain tea.

Add in the Cayenne Pepper and stir for a minute.

Pour into cup/mug

Squeeze a few drops of Lemon into each cup as it simmers.

Add sweetener if you opt too

Garnish with Lemon.

Sip, Enjoy & Have Some More!

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