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The Book of Life, 2018…Chapter I


Today, Monday, January 1st, 2018, is a New Day, in a New Year. It's the first day of a New Chapter in Your Book of Life, for the year 2018. Today, you can begin to write a story quite different than the one that you held so near and true to you in 2017 or the year’s before it. Today, just like any other day, you have an opportunity to start fresh, a new and believe in the impossible if you so choose too. The great thing about any New Year is that you have new welcoming energies to propel you forward and keep the momentum going if you become aware of how powerful your thoughts, words and actions are. There is something special about ringing in the New Year's with cheer; everyone seems to be so filled with joy and anticipation believing in the best for the days ahead. Remember, January (Chapter 1) has always been known to be about new beginnings which can occur in any and every area of your life. Will you allow for the opportunity for new things and people to flow into your life this year? Will you take a personal investment on how this year shapes out to be or will you just sit back and be passive? Whether you you partake in your journey via feedback or not, the page has turned the minute the clock changed at midnight. The New Year is here, the question remains, will you take part in writing your book, or will the book write itself with no input from you?

January 2018, offers a new chapter to your book of life; one of new chances. Today, on this first day of the month, you can start all over on a clean slate by leaving the past behind and welcoming into your life anything you want that is new. If you want to start that New Job, apply for some new jobs and believe you will obtain one or a few offers, one’s that are right for you where you are at now in your life. If you want to lose weight, build muscles, tone up, find a Health Coach, Personal Trainer of someone in the health and wellness industry to start you on your journey to improved health and keep you accountable for what you say you want. Want to become better in your relationships, at your job or enhance your career? Then it may be time to seek a Life or Executive Coach. Want to meet new people that are on the level of where you want to be? Then you have to try something different by going somewhere you have not been before and engage with these different individuals. The key to success in building Your Book of Life, for 2018, in the first chapter is to start off fresh by shaking things up from what you have grown accustomed to in the past and putting yourself out there to try something different in the now and future. Though the unknown maybe scary to you at first, it may be what you need to progress on to the journey you seek for the new you to blossom. Yes, you will have twist and turns and turbulence in the road, but life is a roller coaster anyway; just buckle up and enjoy the ride; for you are guaranteed to meet new people that you can learn new things from; and who knows, you may teach a few people a new thing or two as well. An open, conscious mind, offers up plenty opportunities and lots of wisdom to move one forward in achieving their destiny.

Now that you have completed your reflecting process of 2017, and have kissed that year good bye, hopefully some folks too and stowed away that chapter of your life in that book, you have no need to go back unless going back will lead to a betterment within yourself for your current Book and chapters. If too much has happened in 2017 that was not progressive, or in your best interest, stick to the present and move on into bettering yourself where you are at currently and for the future.

6 Ways to Start 2018, Chapter I Off Right!

1. Display Gratitude

Be grateful for the fact that your end date has not arrived, but your beginning and dash is still present on this day in this new year (2018); allowing you to have more opportunities to improve your life and make shifts to carve it out the way you deem fit to meet your dreams. Being humble and thankful for all that you have and will be given is grace that has been bestowed on to you and the realization of this truth can set one up for supernatural miracles daily. Don’t wake up one morning or go to sleep one night this month or any month without being appreciative for the breath you have breathe and the opportunities you have yet to see come to fruition in your life. If possible, try to end each day for this month writing down, 5 things you are grateful for each day. Something as little as clean water, heat and a roof over your head are few of the little, yet big things people often forget about being thankful for.

2. Write Down Your Goals

Take a pen/pencil to a pad and let your 2018 resolutions flow. If you have no goals how are you going to achieve anything. Believe that you can achieve what your heart desires and write it down and meditate on it. Take this day to start thinking of things you want and how it will better your situations and write them down. The key is start somewhere. How about with a dream/thought and get writing? You do not have to be a journalist to get started, you can start now

3. Develop a Vision Board

Yes, take out a scissor and some glue, thumb tacks or tape and start cutting out some pictures from a magazine or a catalog and start position your dreams visually on a piece of paper/board and then in a frame so that you can see what you designed every day. Another way this can be done is to use Pinterest or go online and crop out some pictures and do a virtual vision board for you to share with you first and your friends and the one world secondary and tertiary. Take care of you first because you can have hater’s around you that can inadvertently use their negative energies to block your dreams and goals.

4. Keep a Journal

With the world moving so fast these days, it always wise to keep a journal by your bed or wherever you feel your creative juices flowing the most. So when that grand thought comes to your mind just write it down. If you have an app for notes on your phone or computer, like a Surface Book use the Notes feature to assist in your note taking process. I do exactly what I am telling you to do, I write it down, keeping a notebook/journal by the side of my bed with a pen to jot down what comes to me while I sleep, I also use my computer to sink notes. Traditional and digital works good together.

5. Forward Thinking

To progress in 2018, you must stop looking backwards at doors that may have been closed last year or sometime in the past. Yes, the past is beneficial for reflecting and analyzing or comparing every now and then, but to stay stuck there can be a detriment and set one back from moving forward and having new opportunities enter in your life. Starting with this January 2018; try as much as you can live in the present moment. Do so with both your thoughts and words. If you find yourself going backwards too much, pinch yourself and say, “not no more, not today, I am fine where I AM” If you did not know “I AM” are two of the most powerful words on the planet. Good or bad watch how you use this source of powerful energy, yes, the words, for they can move mountains in either direction, so use it for good and speaking things into fruition. Use your forward thinking and words to energize your spirit and make you stronger, become more of an optimist to make some positive shifts from the past to the present and future.

6. Move More – Physical Activity

In this chapter of your life, commit to moving more in 2018. Start with moving at least 30 minutes today and before the week is out get up to 45 minutes. If you are only able to get in 2 days of cardio this week, and that is something new and different than what you did in 2017; you are off to a good start, try harder next week if you feel compelled to do so. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking more water too. Make a decision, starting today to take care of yourself like you never have before in 2018. If you are obese, note that it is the second leading cause of cancer, so let's get moving now.

Seeking an Health & Wellness or Lifestyle Coach/Educator or a Personal Trainer, send a note at the contact us page on this website, all messages are kept confidential or call (929) 35-CLEAR and leave a voice message.

Most of what you need to improve you this year is already within you, the rest of the stuff is more than likely out of your control. Your book of life, for 2018, is what you make it out to be; start off refreshed, renewed and vibrant and enjoy the journey that will be bestowed on to you. To enhance your chapter’s in your life's book for 2018, try to start off with moving more, living in the now, keeping a journal, producing a vision board, writing down your goals and displaying some sort of gratitude so that next month you can begin with shaping chapter 2 via actions to keep up the momentum of living a conscious and joyous life.

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