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Curry Kickin, Dipping Sauce!

Looking for a healthy dipping sauce for your baked sweet potato fries, french fries or other sides that taste great and won’t spike your blood sugar or effect you in a lethargic manner. Try this Curry Ketchup with a Kick to spice up your dish; it not only taste great it is anti-inflammatory sauce due to it's turmeric and garlic ingredients. You can use this sauce in place of mayonnaise or mustard or plain ole boring ketchup. If you have ever had a Field Roast Hot Dog or Sausage, this sauce is ideal on any flavor. This Curry Kickin Ketchup is also is great to dip your celery, carrots or zucchini sticks in too. Did we mention, it is so easy to whip up. You can blend in a blender of place all the ingredients in a food processor or mash it all up in a bowl.

Serves Size: 4

Prep Time: 10 minutes or less

1 Tablespoon of Ground Curry

1 Cup of Organic Ketchup or (3) Organic Tomatoes Purred

½ Teaspoon of Ground Turmeric

¼ Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

¼ Teaspoon of Paprika

¼ Oregano

½ Teaspoon of Ground or Fresh Garlic

½ Tablespoon of Xylitol (Omit if using store bought organic ketchup)

½ Teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt

¼ Teaspoon of Peppercorn Pepper

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