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Celebrate and Reflect this December!

It’s December 2017, the 12th and final month of the year. Yeah, you made it! You may have had some bumps, bruises, falls and extreme turbulence on your road here, but you are still here and have so much more to look forward to in 2018. However, before we start talking about plans for 2018, let’s finish off 2017 strong in a celebratory and reflective manner.

December offers up great times via celebrations for most, sadness for others and reflection for the majority. December appears to be that month like that of a fast-moving roller coaster ride; full of highs and lows and back with highs leading up to New Year’s. Take some time, this month to think about and really feel the emotions that come to you; break down this analysis on a daily or weekly basis. Jot down your feelings and thoughts, so you can look back and reflect on them throughout the month, but especially at the end. If you truly take the time to reflect, it can lead you on a journey to a very productive new year. A New Year's, focused on taking action to fulfill one’s dreams and goals from the very beginning. To achieve one’s dreams and goals one has to first start off by acknowledging what they actually are. If one does not know what their dreams and goals are, where are they going to go? One has to use their imagination to think of what it is that they really want, they have to feel what they want, write it down on paper (not a computer) what it is they really want. There is something magical about a pen/pencil touching paper with your hands as you work on manifesting your desires. One must also believe that their goals and dreams can actually be achieved without a shadow of a doubt. The thing to realize is that the battlefield is really in one’s own mind; this month, take some time to do some serious reflecting on the thoughts that you have, the life you are living, the life you want to live and the changes you are willing to make to see your dreams/desires come to fruition. So, even though the adrenaline and the anticipation of all that has to be done and the things that are going on this month is enough to drive you crazy; it is imperative to take some time to look back, go into deep thought and reflect on 2017 so that you can propel yourself forward come 2018.

Get ready to be in the driver’s seat come the New Year. You have 31 days to get things ready and right. Let’s Go and Ride the Wave Into the New Year….See you on the other side!

16 Things to do before December 2017 Ends

  1. Take a day or two each week to reflect on 2017, what would you change? There is still time to make those changes in some cases.

  2. Let Go of people who no longer fit with you and your dreams and know that it is okay.

  3. Write yourself a love letter on how many ways you love you.

  4. Show kindness towards all you know and all those you meet.

  5. Forgive those that have hurt you and no matter what don't take the strife in to the New Year!

  6. Meditate at least 8x this month. (1x a week for starters)

  7. Write down what you have achieved this year month by month

  8. Write down your 2018 goals. Note what you experience in regard to how you feel as you write the goals down. What you hear? If you hear anything.

  9. Laugh with some new and old people. (Belly laughs are best)

  10. ​Watch or go to a comedy club.

  11. Go to a party, host a party and have a great time. You can have a great party with only (2-3) people. Don’t forget to play music and dance.

  12. Read a great book or at least 3-5 chapters in a good book.

  13. Encourage someone else and most importantly yourself.

  14. Exercise at least one day a week for starters. And walk at least 3x a week. (EN&T promotes water bottle slings that are perfect for those who wants to be hands free while they are on a stroll. We have walking groups to encourage healthy living everyday)

  15. Say something to yourself that you are thankful for every day this month. (31 days of thankfulness)

  16. Take a lunch break every day. 15 to 30 minutes will do lots for your mental, spiritual and physical health. Stretch your limbs. Do something other than work during your break.

  17. Pamper and Love on yourself this month. Try to de-stress; especially at the end of the month as you prepare to ring in 2018. (Try an Earth Kiss Facial Mask to clean out them pores.)

Stop by the store section of this site to purchase an aromatherapy ultrasonic diffuser and oils, some incense/cones and or candles to clear your space and mind and energize your total being. *No soy is used in the products we promote.

One last thing, don’t forget that December is National Egg Nog and Pear Month in the USA. Check out our Spiked Vegan Egg-Nog recipe from last month and have a pear. You can make a slaw, put it in your salad, smoothie or eat as is.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa!

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