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World Vegan Day

Today, Thursday, November 1st, 2018, is World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month. It is a day where people from all around the world that are vegan, wanna be vegans, flexitarian or those who are just plain ole curious; find ways to uphold the integrity of their environment(s) by refraining from indulging in animal products. If you are not one whom lives the vegan lifestyle, use this day to challenge yourself and your family to try it. For just one day of the year, go without doing anything to harm the planet and its animals. If you were not able to do so today, try tomorrow or the next day. An "E" for effort is an "A" all the way.

Now that you know today is World Vegan Day, you can consciously make decisions to not intake any product from an animal just for one entire day. It starts with being aware of doing something and then taking action via your choices. Hey if after one day, it does not move you. The best thing you can say is that you gave it a try and it was not for you now, at this point in your life. Pat yourself on the back and say congrats for taking part in this movement, even if it was just for this one day.

Today vegans all around the world are hosting potlucks, hosting their own office and restaurant gatherings to learn and educate others on a growing movement. Some are just partaking in events to have a good ole time and other's are taking the time to plant a tree among many other humane things to do today. What can you make today or this month to attempt to participate in World Vegan Day or Month?

Check out The Vegan Society site:

Congrats on taking the journey!

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