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In The Flow with Gratitude & Thanksgiving!

November has arrived!

When you think of November, what do you think of? Is it gratitude, being grateful, celebrating thanksgiving, being thankful, an opportunity to converse with friends and family more than any other time of the year? November, the 11th month of the year, brings with it so many mixed emotions, intuitive insights and deep intentions. It is such a powerful month, one that can change the course of the year for the better or bless it even further than it was if need be. The good news is, just like any other month of the year, we can try to put forth goodness and kindness and have it showered back on to us. During the last two months of the year, it appears that more people find it in their heart’s to be a tad bit more kind and cheerful and why not; most have the bare necessities and more and start to realize how much they have to content about.

All too often, we take for granted what may be the little things in life, but they are actually big things that makes our lives move much more smoothly. We can be grateful for having running water, waking up each day, being able to start a new each morning, having a roof on over our head and food on the table. Opportunities exists from so many angles if we can just open up and welcome them in. Many of us have brothers and sisters, who may or may not be our blood relatives, but surely feel as though they are in our lives. These people have a loving space in our heart; so much so that we can’t picture life without them, that is a blessing to be thankful for all in itself. The food that we had to eat today, this week, are all blessing we she should be thankful for. The person who said Good Morning to us and that we could say Good Morning back, too. The “I Love You”, you get to hear and say as much as you want to whom you like. If you are not hearing those words in your life, maybe you should be the one to say it to someone so that it may be reciprocated to you. Do on to others as you want done on to you. If you are unhappy with something on any given day, be that change agent and take the action to make someone else’s life better, it will indeed help improve your own life. Try it, you will witness this within a week if not a day.

This lovely month of November offers up so much in regard to love and happiness in one’s heart. Kindness should be experienced all around us, we must be open to witnessing and receiving it. If we look for it, we will indeed find it faster than expected; for it is always there we may not have been aware of it in our surroundings, but slowly we have become aware of it. One day during the year that the entire world acknowledges kindness, is on Monday November 13th, 2017, that is “World Kindness Day”. Use this day to be kind to yourself and someone else, hey why not everyone you encounter on this day; even though it may be an arduous task to display to some; take a deep breathe smile it off and just offer up a kind gesture, it will lighten a load within your heart that will have you feeling wonderful. Say “Thank You, Good Morning, Hello, how are you?”. Complement someone, hold the door open for the elderly, a man, a woman, a child who may appear as though they are having a bad day. It will not only make their day; this action may bring great cheer to your spirit as well. Who does not want to receive kind acts happening all around them and to them on any giving day?

This November, utilize your senses, open your heart to witness all that you have to be grateful for, whether it be people, places or things; offer up kindness to those you like and those you may not even care for’ your feelings may take a change for the better towards them. What do you have to lose, but you have so much to gain, by shining your light on people and situations. Be the Change you wish to see and send Thanksgiving and Gratitude where ever you go this month.

One more thing, on Friday, November 10th, 2017 since it is National Vanilla Cupcake Day! Treat yourself or someone or a few someones to a Vanilla Cupcake. Yum! It will indeed lighten the energy in any environment you find yourself in.

This November, stay in the Flow by offering up thanksgiving, gratitude and kindness, which will surely energize and uplift you as well as others.

Have A Wonderful November, Prosperous Kindness Day & Happy Thanksgiving!

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