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16 Tips To Have A Productive 2022!

Looking to have a productive New Year? Look no further, we have you covered. Check out the ABC's of productivity to help you on your journey to change into the person you want to be. Need help? Contact us below to chat with one of our coaches.

1. Affirm – You know what it is you want, or better yet you know what it is you that you no longer want. Vow to do whatever it takes to improve your situation. No one is saying it is going to be easy, but putting what you want out there in the universe is always a great first step. Write out affirmations and verbalize them every morning upon waking and every night before going to bed. Believe in you and know that No does not have to be an option.

2. Budget - budgeting for monthly expenses, dining out, new clothes, etc. helps us better understand where cash is flowing to and can helps to plan better for rainy days. Using an online budget management tool or a spreadsheet can be helpful in solving budget woes. Make budgeting and saving apart of your plan. Start with a dollar a day and go from there.

3. Commit to Change – Want something new, than you must stretch yourself and do some new things. It is a simple as that. Mindset change is imperative to have life changes and it takes a commitment from within to stay the course.

4. Declutter – Clean house. If you are not able to focus and you are not using something that has been laying around for years, get rid of it. Have an online auction, garage sale, or just donate it, but don’t it take another moment of your life away from what you need to be focused on.

a. Clutter also brings in unnecessary anxiety, stress, worry and brain fog.

5. Encourage – Times will get tough and you may get down but it is important that you have the ability to encourage yourself. Empower yourself to keep moving in the direction of your choosing. You are in control of you. Mind your thoughts and mouth for they are some powerful tools that can take you to new heights.

6. Follow Your Heart – If it is in your heart there is no accident. Participate in things that make you happy. By following your heart, you will learn to love life more abundantly by taking a more active role in doing things that make you happy.

7. Give/Grateful – Being grateful and giving opens up the heavens to rain down unexpectant blessing onto you. Be grateful for all and who you have and give not just your money, but your time, and wisdom too. We all have gifts that can be a blessing to not just us but to others as well.

8. Health – Health is wealth. Honor your health, make sure to drink no less than 64 oz of water a day, do some physical activity most days and eat fruits and vegetables every day. Focus on knowing your numbers and keeping them in an ideal range. Make sure to keep your mental and spiritual health in tip top shape as well. Feeling drained? Find activities to help you unwind; meditation, boxing and journaling are a few.

9. Ignore – Yep, ignore naysayers. If they do not believe in you or are not for you open the door to let them out. In order to achieve serious goals, you must be mindful of who is whispering what in your ear. We humans are like sponges taking in everything at times that comes in our space. Let only positivity and good intentions in; leave the rest at bay.

10. Join – It may be time to meet new people and the only way to do that is to join a club, group, a new organization where you are meeting me people who are like minded to some degree or another.

11. Kindhearted – Being kind and sympathetic to people we know and even complete strangers can not only be helpful to them but food to help us replenish our soul. You see if you were going through something and decide to help someone out, it takes your mind of your situation and puts your focus on helping them to solve their issue. This type of positive energy not only makes you feel better it encourages you to be a compassionate thoughtful being always.

12. Learn – Never stop learning. As humans we were meant to continuously grow, and we do so by acquiring knowledge. The moment we become stagnant is when we stop evolving and as long as we have breath there is no need to not take in what the universe has to offer. Learning keeps us youthful, not to mention our brain strong.

13. Move – Physical activity is one of the most important things one can do to help the blood circulate in conjunction with water. Make sure to get and staying moving this year and beyond. A simple walk, jog every other day for 30 minutes can go a long way in regards to improving your health. Stay Motivated.

14. No – It is not a curse word, but a word you need to get comfortable saying if you want to accomplish your goals and want to set barriers to enjoy proper self-care. Your time is valuable as is your goals and to stop it to help solve everyone else’s problems is not beneficial to you and especially even more so if they are not paying you for your time. People will take as much as you are willing to give without any though for your time. It is up to you to learn to start saying NO and meaning it. Don’t feel guilty for holding your ground.


Use these ABC's of productivity to make this year your best year yet, be mindful and productive in all that you do.

Pondering Thought:

If you want something different you know you must not continue doing the same thing over and over again. What will you do to live more productive this year?

Coaching Offer:

Hire Us to Coach to guide you through a transformation that will change you into who you want to be. Don't know who that is? We can help you figure that out too. Contact Us!

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