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13 Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day!

Every year since 1998, people around the globe have recognized November 13th as World Kindness Day. The World Kindness Movement, an organization formed at a 1997 Tokyo conference of like-minded kind-hearted people worldwide, came up with World Kindness Day the following year. The week before Friday, November 13th is also known by some as World Kindness Week; it starts the second Monday of the month and continues until Sunday, ending on Sunday, November 15th. This day/week concept came about to show appreciation to people worldwide and within local communities. It is to let everyone know that there is power in being kind to others. With so much negativity going on all around us, we all can use a little more kindness in our world, especially in our inner circles, which positively influence our behaviors.

This November 13th, please find it in your heart to be kind to everyone, no matter what their faith, employment status, race, or their different interest is. I know it is a difficult task to do all of the time, especially if you live a negative unbalanced life or around such people, but nothing beats a failure but a try; be kind to someone else. Heck, even be kind to yourself; most people who are nasty and hostile to others have not shown any love to themselves in a long time.

Kindness is a choice, and it is all around us when we are conscious of this. Open up your eyes and your heart to see and feel all the kindness that resides so near.

13 Ways to Display Acts of Kindness!

1. Give your time to make a difference in someone else's life.

2. Take a pen or pencil to a pad and write to someone who has helped you out or you've been thinking about and just have not had the time to connect with.


a. Take a Break from being mean to yourself and to others.

b. Take a Break from Technology.

c. Take a Break from looking over past mistakes.

d. Take a Break from negative thoughts

4. Provide someone a compliment. Words are powerful tools; use them to make a difference in others' lives for good via compliments not by criticizing.

5. Donate something that has been sitting in your house for years that you are no longer using. Stop hoarding; others need things you no longer have any use for.

6. Donate or tithe money to an organization you appreciate or that you value their mission statement.

7. Buy someone in front of your or behind you a coffee/tea or their groceries.

8. Smile, your smile will make someone else smile.

9. Encourage someone via text, phone, email, or in person.

10. Tell others about this Day & Week. Being Kind is kind of contagious; try it, you will see. Good vibes will surely come back to you, maybe not from the same people but from others and in many different forms.

11. Hold a door open for someone or let a car in that is trying to get in on the highway or road in front of you without speeding up or blowing your horn aggressively.

12. This holiday season, consider supporting small businesses instead of big and/or give to a local food bank.

13. Always say "Good Morning" when passing by someone you know and even those you do not know. The words "Good Morning" can shine a bright light on anyone's day or mood. An individual may have woken up angry, sad, or hurt but you can turn that around with those two words. Now it is not your job to make anyone else happy; however, doing so can offer you great rewards in the long run. Learn how to say "Good Morning" in other languages, and you will make tons of people happy from other nations and throughout the world.

One act of kindness every day of your life to yourself and to other people will make our world that much better of a place and will make you feel good too. * Remember kindness is the common thread that unites us all.

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