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11 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season

Summer is in full swing; we really hope that you are having a good time enjoying all that it has to offer and even more so if you have time off during this time of the year. If for some reason you are sitting at home lost, feeling stuck, and don’t know what to do. You are in good hands with is here at Earthy Naturals, we have a few ideas regarding things you can begin to do to start appreciating the summer season right now, today. There is an endless array of things available for you to do both near and far from your home base. We would just stress that you open your mind and get ready to try something new or fairly simple; just make sure that no matter what you decide to engage in, you are having a good time, enjoying the experience. You can learn something from just about everything you do on any given day.

11 Enjoyable or Fun Things to Do This Summer:

1. Outdoor Activities:

a. Go for a hike or nature walk in a nearby park or forest.

b. Visit the zoo.

c. Take a bike ride or scooter through scenic trails.

d. Have a picnic with friends or family in a beautiful outdoor spot.

e. Try camping or glamping for an adventurous experience like no other.

f. Organize a beach day or visit a nearby lake for swimming and sunbathing.

g. Visit an outdoor festival or circus.

2. Travel and Exploring:

a. Plan a road trip to explore new cities or tourist attractions.

b. Visit a local amusement park or water park for a day of fun.

c. Explore historical sites and museums to learn about local culture.

d. Travel across country spontaneously.

e. Consider traveling to a different country, if possible, to experience new cultures.

f. Visualize via your mind where you would like to go if money and time were not a bottleneck. O.K, Now, begin planning to go to this place in a year or two from now. Get the dream on your bucket list.

3. Creative Pursuits:

a. Start a new hobby like painting, drawing, photography, or writing.

b. Join a local dance, singing, planting, product making, or art class to enhance your skills.

c. Create a summer scrapbook to capture your favorite memories.

d. Attend music festivals or outdoor concerts to enjoy live performances.

e. Become an instructor on a topic you love.

f. Race cars, learn about vintage vehicles.

g. Get educated on the environment and do something to help mother earth thrive.

h. Explore art galleries to learn and appreciate culture and history.

i. Engage in DIY crafts or home improvement projects to unleash your creativity.

4. Fitness and Sports:

a. Try out water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, or surfing.

b. Join a sports club or recreational team for some friendly competition.

i. Check out all the rave with pickle ball.

c. Practice yoga or meditation for relaxation and well-being.

d. Go for early morning or evening runs to enjoy the cool weather.

e. Strength train with lower reps and sets. Go heavier if you need a boost.

5. Food and Cooking:

a. Experiment with new recipes and cook a summer feast for friends.

i. Visit our recipe book and guide section for educational and healthy ideas.

b. Host a barbecue, outdoor cooking party, any gathering that includes food, games and congregation.

c. Visit local farmers' markets to enjoy fresh seasonal produce.

d. Learn how to make your own ice cream, sorbet, or refreshing beverages.

6. Volunteering and Community Service:

a. Engage in local charity events or community cleanup projects.

b. Volunteer at an animal shelter or environmental organization.

c. Help organize events for a good cause in your neighborhood.

7. Summer Reading and Learning:

a. Create a summer reading list and enjoy books at the beach or park.

b. Enroll in a summer course or workshop to learn something new.

c. Visit the library or attend book clubs to discuss your favorite reads.

8. Relaxation and Self-Care:

a. Plan a spa day at home with facials, massages, and relaxation techniques.

b. Practice mindfulness and meditation to de-stress and rejuvenate.

c. Rent a hotel or attend a retreat to treat yourself to a new environment that is relaxing to the soul.

d. Take a day trip to a nearby hot spring or natural spa.

9. Mentor

a. Provide your expertise to someone in need.

b. Plan a day to talk at an organization where you can mentor the children and young people of the future.

10. Start a Garden

a. Plant your preferred seeds in your garden and in your mind. Water them daily and watch them blossom.

b. Backyards, Balcony, Terraces, Windowsills, etc. are great places to begin planting seeds.

11. Create a Bucket List for the Summer:

a. Make a list of activities you may want to accomplish during the summer and start checking them off day by day. Take a moment to digest this one. Take out your journal if you need to. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Summer is a great time to unwind, explore, and have fun. There is an array of things to do all summer long, some near and some far. Choose activities that align with your interests but may challenge you to do something differently and make the most of this wonderful season. 11 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season is compiled of a list or ideas by us for you to try if you are feeling stuck. Don’t like our suggestions? That is okay, take a moment to design your own list of things you want to do and act on them. Make memories that will last a lifetime and be viewable for generations that come after you. Leave a legacy filled with fun and excitement to always be remembered by. Enjoy the summer season and remember to stay cool and hydrated.

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