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10 Ways to Make an Impact on Climate Change

We at Earthy Naturals love April. It is Earth Month, and so many things happen this month it is too hard to keep count and stay put. However, even amid Covid-19, there is still so much we can do to show Mother Earth some awesome love.

This year Earth Day will take place on Thursday, April 22nd, celebrating its 51st year. The Theme for 2021 is “Restore Our Earth,” wow, that’s powerful and timely. There is so much opportunity to restore our oceans and rid it of plastics, restore wild life, build soils through regenerative agriculture practices. Presidents Biden-Harris Administration and World Leaders will come together on Earth Day to discuss climate change; how amazing is that. The two days leading up to the world event will have activists, influencers, and sustainable leaders worldwide hosting educational campaigns and summits. These events will focus on climate literacy, environmental justice, and a broad range of youth-led climate-focused issues. This year, Earth Week expects thousands of groups and millions of voices to come together to stand up for climate action and bring awareness to humanity’s greatest existential threat.” Won’t you join in now? If you are unable, you can still take part by helping our planet in the following ways:

10 Ways to show Mother Earth Love while making an Impact on Climate Change

1. Reduce water waste

a) Take a bath

b) Take shorter showers

c) Turn off the faucets when you are not using it.

2. Purchase appliances & electronics with the Energy Star logo or similar standards.

a) Energy Star products are efficient, they help lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Use reusable mugs and water bottle.

a) Eliminate plastic as much as you are able.

4. Use reusable bags when shopping.

a) Visit our store to purchase a durable, reusable, sustainable bag that can last for years.

5. Upcycle things in your home

a) Get creative and turn a t-shirt into a purse, bottles into lamps, beads into bracelets, etc. The list of things to upcycle is endless. If it can be thought it more than likely can be created.

i. Check out our upcycled earrings made out of bicycle tires.

6. Turn lights off when not in use.

a) If you must keep the lights on, make sure to keep your environment safe and free from hazards. Take the time to invest in LED lights that are free of chemicals. They are much better than fluorescent lighting that is full of mercury and other toxins.

7. Fly and drive less, walk, bike or carpool more.

a) If you must drive or drive solo, consider going with a fuel-efficient car. In turn, it will reduce emissions and how much money is spent at the pump, saving your wallet.

8. Use cold water to wash clothes.

a) Washing with cold water vs. hot water helps to preserve energy by cutting down on greenhouse emissions and it also helps to safeguard the color of the washed clothes.

9. Unplug. Whatever you are not using now.

a) Take cords that you are not using out of the socket. This simple action will reduce your electricity bill by over 40%.

10. Eat meat-free as much as possible.

a) Need help? Check out meatless

b) Eating a diet free of red meat and dairy is better for our health and the planet.

These mindful yet straightforward changes will not only help our pockets, they will reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, reducing overall climate change. Saving money and helping the world at the same time is a win-win for everyone. There are so many things we can do to help the planet this month. This month, please cultivate a relationship with regeneration; it is time to restore our land. Please create your own act of green. Click here to let know that you did.

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Earth Day 2021 Past, Present and Future

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