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10 Ways to Invest in Our Planet!

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day Earthy Naturals!

Hello! Happy Earth Day! Today, Friday, April 22, 2202, marks the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day. The theme for this year is to Invest in Our Planet. Making it our time as a human race to empower ourselves with the knowledge needed to make conscious choices that can help impact the earth now and in the future for generations to come. Take a moment to think about that. You and I have a moral responsibility as a people to utilize our resources, such as our money, knowledge, time, talents, and kindness, to sow seeds into a planet that has cared for us since we entered this world. Below are ways you can start to show Mother Earth some love by sharing some of your valuable gifts.

10 Ways to Invest in Our Planet

1) Commit to being more mindful of how, when and where to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

a) Make conscious decisions about your possessions.

Example, will you throw those old sneakers you no longer wear in the garbage, or turn them into something creative, donate them, or use for some greater good. (Repurpose) People have donating organs for centuries, we can surely donate things.

b) Refuse to be guilted into using unnecessary plastic.

2) Commit to acts of kindness (animals, people, earth)

a) This action releases positive energy to flow throughout the earth. (Emits vitality)

3) Spend time in nature, show gratitude to mother earth.

a) Go for a walk, jog, run, hike, ride a bike or scooter, skate, meditate, exercise, pray, have a picnic, or sit and just be in the moment.

4) Turn off

a) Commit to turning off electricity when not in use.

b) Commit to turning off faucets when not in use to reduce water bill.

c) Commit to obtaining electronic bills vs. paper.

5) Check out an earth-friendly films to learn about pollution, sea creatures, and the likes.

a) Erin Brockovich

b) Mad Max: Fury Road

c) Princess Mononoke

6) Shop Local

a) Stop by the shop to purchase your reusable bags carry’s 40+ lbs. of stuff.

7) Volunteer

a) @ parks, conservations, nature center, in communities, zoos, etc.

8) Commit to going plant-based for one day a week every month, go longer if you can.

a) This effort saves lives, reduces methane, carbon dioxide and pollution.

b) Improves health and limits metabolic syndrome.

9) Plant a garden

a) Plant flowers, veggies, fruits, herbs, etc. in a yard, on a fire escape, windowsill. Indoors or out everyone can plant a garden.

b) Compost food scraps.

10) Plant a tree.

a) Not only do they help us destress by being in their presence they also help absorb greenhouse gases, capture excess water to limit floods. More importantly, they produce oxygen which is helpful to us all living on earth.


You have learned a few ways to Invest in Our Planet today, throughout the month or even beyond. Now share what you have learned so that others can be conscious about how important it is to take care of the planet too. Empowering others with knowledge are just as important as donating your time and money. Don’t sit around or keep this information to yourself it is your duty as a now knowing human being to INVEST IN OUR PLANET by using our assets however big or small they may be.

Pondering Question:

What will you do to Invest in Our Planet every day of your life?

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