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10 Ways to Honor World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day occurs every year on November 13th. This year's theme is “Be Kind Wherever Possible" are you down to participate? We surely hope so, with all the hate and negativity in the World today, please find it in your heart to stop the anger and hostility you may witness by doing something kind for someone else and even yourself to make this world a better place? Tearing people down with evil words, and negative actions or energy will end up hurting the person who is throwing the stones in the long run (KARMA). The only people who like to be around negative folks are those who feed on that energy and can be possible narcissistic in their attitudes and views. This World Kindness Day please commit to being kind in your everyday activities, you will never know who is watching and whose life you may inspire for good by showing true acts of kindness.

10 Ways to Honor World Kindness Day

1. Start to write something positive

a. If you are unable to write something nice on a social media platform do not write anything. Write a kind letter to someone in your life that is overdue your presence or loving-kindness

b. Journal or affirm what is good in your life.

c. Write yourself a love letter

i. We all need to engage in self-love for optimum health. Write yourself a letter you can open months or a year from now to remind yourself how important you are and grateful you are to be alive and in your body.

2. Open your mind to other people’s POV (points of view)

a. You may have reasons for the way you think, but another person may think something different about the same situation; that does not make them a bad person. This thinking makes them unique; they too are entitled to their ways of thinking without judgment from you and others who may disagree. We can all work together in this big world and be different and think differently without fighting. How about agreeing to disagree about something without attacking?

b. Be mindful of the people that are allowed in your space, for what they do can rub off on you; words and energy is very powerful.

3. Compliment someone

a. Whether it is someone you know or a stranger, provide a good gesture or say something kind. You never know the impact your kindness can have on someone who may be having a bad day or going through something traumatic in life.

4. Hold the door or elevator

a. Someone is running behind you to catch the bus, get on the elevator or in a coffee shop be polite and hold the door open for them or push the open button.

5. Call a friend or family member

a. Reach out with a “Hello, How you are doing?” to those you care about. They may be wanting to hear from you

6. Furnish a Generous Tip

a. Knowledge tip (stock, business, educational, etc.)

b. Monetary tip

c. Donate to a cause

7. Provide a Meal or Gift Card

a. Buy someone homeless a meal

b. Buy a stranger a coffee

c. Buy a college student a meal or gift card to restaurant or coffee place.

d. Use your reward points to do something good to brighten someone else day.

8. Denounce Hate and Negativity in your atmosphere

a. Stop people in their tracks when they open their mouths with hate talk or constant negativity in your presence.

b. Take action to let those in your atmosphere know that you will not tolerate hate speech and negative energy in your space because it is hurtful to others, you, and eventually themselves. People don’t like being around this and opportunities will begin to decline.

9. Mind your thoughts, words, and actions

a. Commit to being mindful of the thoughts you have, the words that come out of your mouth, and the actions you take as well as the events you partake in. What you do has the ability to not only impact your world but those that are close to you too.

10. 30+ Days of Kindness (Challenge Yourself)

a. Commit to providing one act of kindness every day for the next 30 days. If you really are feeling generous how about every waking hour of the day offer up some act of kindness?

b. You can be kind to yourself or someone else no matter how hard your life seems to be right now, no matter what your upbringing was like, no matter how different you may think you are and no matter how others have treated you in the past. Today, is a new day, start refreshed and renewed. If you have breath in you this morning/day you were given a new day to stop mourning, complaining, hating and to start praising and being kind. You have been given the opportunity to be kind to others and yourself.

c. Ready-Set- Go… You Got This!

This World Kindness Day, do something kind for yourself and others. This is what living on this earth is all about. Being kind will make you feel so good and would allow you to impart your generosity into the lives of other's. Never underestimate how far your kind gestures and words can go in an age that needs it more now than ever before due to so many mental health challenges. So please, take a moment to be mindful before you say something that can be hurtful and drive someone over the edge; choose to say something that is kind instead. You have the power to make a difference in somebody’s day including your own.

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