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10 Ways to Appreciate Life’s Seasons

Hope that your Summer is going well, and you have found some time for self-care. If not, there is still one full month left to enjoy the summer season and 22 days in September. For those who love the heat you must be having the time of your life, for those that don’t, try to stay cool or get in some water; just be careful of the sharks, snakes and alligators that are showing out this year; opt in for a pool if you can; even though it is full of chlorine.

Life is about seasons; with every season comes a shift in the atmosphere and energy. Summer represents the season of growth and distractions. Therefore, being present and living in the moment will help you appreciate what this season has to offer. Though the seasons move so quickly, and we can’t get them back until the next cycle, being conscious of this will allow us to enjoy what is right before us and live more mindfully during the time we have now in this moment.

1. Live Mindfully

a. Guard your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health

i. Make sure to build in some “self-love”, “me” time when you need it. Fuel is imperative to keep us all going. It can be in the form of food, relaxation, positive energy, the list is endless.

b. Intentional living is better than going at life with no plans or going in circles. Be intentional with your time and space since life is so short, we need to live the best stress-free life we can.

2. Breathe

a. Be thankful

b. The breath flowing through our lungs provides us all the opportunity to live. So why don’t we all live our best life, doing what we want to do, how we want to do it and when. The ability to breathe is a great reason to dream big and take the actions needed to live a purpose filled life. Are you living your purpose? Now is the perfect time to start.

3. Get/Be Social

a. Who have you been meaning to contact? When is the last time you had some empowering people in your space? Network intentionally, with those who appreciate you and bring joy to your life or even those you don’t know but may need some encouraging from you. Being social with the right people can be impactful to life, having everyone appreciate it more every day.

4. Encourage Yourself

a. When the world does not seem like it is on your side, speak life into your spirit to uplift you in every situation you are in. Speak positive words, affirmations whatever you need to keep yourself encourage so that you can go about your business. It will take going down deep within and may feel awkward at first, but we all can do it and ought to do it, to handle the battlefield that exist in this sometime arduous world.

5. Get/Be Clear

a. What is it that you want? Do you have a plan to get it? How long do you think it will take for you to put a plan in place? Are you committed to not just saying what you want, but going about getting it? These questions are made for you to get intentional so that you can achieve your goals. Clarity helps to achieve what we desire. Affirming things and keeping our energy positive is helpful in being clear and manifesting our heart’s desires.

6. Journal

a. Write down ideas, thoughts, words things that have happened or use the power of a pen or pencil to release stress out of your body and onto a paper. Here are few questions to get you started.

i. What are you grateful for?

ii. What habits will you like to improve?

iii. How was your day?

iv. How do you feel?

v. What is your top # goals for this week?

vi. How will you work to achieve these goals?

7. Laughter

a. Laughter feeds the soul. It is healing to the total being. It improves your mood.

b. It is a natural pain killer. Time to turn on a comedy and get to laughing

8. Try something new

a. What have you been wanting to do? Make space for it and give it a go.

b. Challenge yourself this month to try (2) things you have never done before. It will boost your mood even though you may be nervous.

9. Meditate/Pray

a. Take the time to go within, be still so you can hear and speak.

b. Relieves stress which in turn lowers blood pressure.

10. Dance/Sing out loud

a. Let out your inner artist.

b. Be creative & have fun, move your body on the dance floor on your living room. Dancing is a form of physical activity so rock with it.

c. Rejoice to your rhythm and talents; feel the music or make your own.


Life is short, and moves so fast, appreciating every moment and being purposeful about the choices we make to live the life we want to live is imperative. We must take some time to reflect on the words we just read here; transformation will come when we decide to be intentional and appreciate life and all that we have (intangible and tangible).

What are you thinking and speaking over your life? Don’t verbalize the negative, speak only the positive things you desire into existence. Remember thoughts and words are two very powerful tools that everyone has available to them to help shape their lives; therefore, living mindfully is a necessity to live one’s best life to the fullest.

Pondering Question:

What 3 ways can you appreciate life in this season?

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