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10 Things To Do Before December 2019 Ends

Reflecting on Life In Nature
Earthy Naturals Reflecting on Life in Nature

As the year comes to an end, people are often filled with tumultuous emotions, consisting of happiness, joy, sadness, regret, resentment, excitement, anxiety and more all at the same time. Take these last days of 2019 to feel all the emotions that come up inside of you, don’t fight them, just feel and acknowledge them. If there is something you did not like about 2019, look within to see if you played a part in not having the year you had wanted. If you want something different this coming year, take this time to reflect deeper and think of ways you can obtain what it is that you truly do want. Do like Michael Jackson said, "Make that Change." For the change you want to occur, will only come with a change in a new direction.

This December try to set things in motion so that you can start 2020 energized and refreshed from the start. A New Year, just like a new day offers an opportunity for new occurrences. Set yourself up for greatness by utilizing some, if not all the tools listed below to close out December 2019, so that you can enter the new decade with a plan to implement the change you seek.

10 Things To Do Before December 2019 Ends

1. Take a day or two to do some serious soul searching. What would you like to change or see happen differently for you in the New Year? What did you plan to do in 2019 that you have yet had an opportunity to get around to? There is still time to make some goals that you may have yet had time to obtain in this year, if not make it top priority for the 2020.

a. Write down your 2020 goals. Note what you are experiencing in regard to how you feel as you write your goals down. What you hear? If you hear anything. Become more conscious of your feelings and what your heart and gut is telling you.

2. Let Go of people who no longer belong in your circle or who are have been a detriment to your dreams or you obtaining your goals. Leave these folks as well as naysayers in 2019 and know that it is O.K to do so. Not everyone is meant to go with us throughout our entire journey through life. Some people fall off early, others later, no matter what you decide to do, just know that is O.K to do what is best for you and always be true to yourself. Sticking around people who are stuck is not going to help you to get unstuck. It will help you stay frustrated and un-motivated so when you try to move forward you will always feel as though you are being pulled backwards. STOP IT! Say “NO MORE!”

3. Forgive those that have hurt you and no matter what don't take the strife in to the New Year!

4. Commit to meditating at least 2x to 3x a week for starters. If you feel the need to go within a little more do it. Meditation is great for calming the total body from life's every day stressors.

5. Laughter: Laugh with some new and old people. (Belly laughs are best and detoxifying)

a. Watch comedies/sitcoms or go to a comedy club or a movie. Next Month, we are hosting a private screening of Like A Boss come out and join us in some genuine laughter.

b. Attend a party, host a party and have a great time where ever you are, you can have a good time with just (2-3) people, so don’t think it has to be some elaborate large affair. Play some games, music, sing (karaoke) and/or dance who’s to judge how you have a mighty good time. Laughter and having fun is good medicine for the soul.

6. Read/listen to a great book, an inspirational book or at least 5 or so chapters in a good book.

7. Encourage someone else and most importantly yourself to be better and do better.

8. Exercise at least 3 days a week for starters and walk at least 4x.

a week. We, here at Earthy Naturals & Thingz promote water bottle slings that are perfect for those who wants to be hands free, while they are on a stroll, but still be able to have a bottle of water, their phone and money nearby. These fold-able apparatus are made out recycled water bottles and are great for being outdoors.

9. Donate to a charity or two of your choice (your time, money, goods, wisdom or something)

10. Try to de-stress; get some rest, take a 3-day vacation where you are doing noting strenuous. Spend more time in nature and make every effort to be less sedentary in the coming year; but you can start now in this year. Commit to getting up and moving more and if you are not able to get up, move in your chair.

You Got This! Whatever it is that you need to do to close out 2019 on a positive note, make sure to do it so that you can live the life you so desire to live in the New Decade/Year. Don't let no one and nothing hold you back. It is believing in you that will propel you further and remember “I’m possible and nothing is impossible with faith.

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