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10 Reasons to Spring Clean in 2022

The Season of Spring is upon us. Do you smell the fresh air? If you are seeking a fresh start, now may be the right time to make a go for it. Allow the energy of Spring to fuel you to make some changes that will bring vibrancy to your space, health, or overall life. Spring is the Season where blooming occurs. Are they areas in your life you would like to see blossom? It does not take a year for dust to build up, this can happen over days, weeks, and months; therefore, now is the perfect time to clean up our surroundings so that you can have a fresh start this Spring.

Fresh Start – Spring Clean-Up

Add a fresh outlook to your Spring. Start by cleaning up or clearing out the areas that are out of order. Here are 10 areas to consider sprucing up this Spring.

1. Relationships

a. Life is too short to be in any relationship that is not serving you. This goes for every relationship that you are involved in. Think about this, how old are you today? How old will you be in 5 years? Do you really have time to be dealing with this now and then again in 5 years? Some relationships are for a lifetime, some are for a Season, others are for a moment in time. Know what they are and move on.

2. Career

a. Are you happy with what you do for a living? If not, it may be time to evaluate the things you are good at. Spruce up that resume and get started on letting people know that you are looking. Start applying for roles that resonate with where you want to be now or 5 years from now.

b. Network and meet new people

i. You never know who you can meet that can change your life.

3. Mind/Thoughts/Words

a. What are you thinking and saying about yourself? If it is not positive self-talk, clean up your mind and affirm only good about yourself and situations. For the next 7 days wake up and say 5 positive things about yourself. Before going to bed affirm 5 things about yourself and your day. The goal is to be repetitive so that you can build a habit. Write down how you feel.

b. Meditate

i. Meditation helps to calm the mind, decrease stress, make better decisions, offer clarity and focus. Practice!

c. Sleep

i. Sleep has a significant impact on how you feel mentally and physically.

ii. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night improves your mood and brain function. Sleep helps you to think clearer, function better, along with having more energy.

4. Home

a. Whether at home, the workplace, your vehicle, make sure to do some deep cleaning. Dust mites are everywhere, Springtime or a change in Season is an ideal time to clean and declutter areas where you spend time to avoid germs and to breathe easy. Too much dust can aggravate the lungs.

b. Donate what you are not using or wearing to families or organizations in need.

c. Have a yard sale or visit a flea or treasure market to sell of items.

d. Use natural products or make your own cleaners.

5. Finances

a. Check your credit report and bank accounts to know where you stand.

b. Check your credit card payment rates and terms. If you don’t approve negotiate for better ones or find better options.

c. Track your quarterly spending. Where can you save or invest more?

d. Pay a little more on a bill you have been meaning to pay off.

6. Unplug

a. Let technology go for a day, night, weekend, week, give it a try. Take back your life by not allowing technology to control you. Notice how you feel when this technology detox is complete.

7. Food/Nutrition

a. Clean up your diet. Eliminate foods that make you feel bloated or tired. Food is energy, allow nutrient-dense foods to fuel you more often.

i. You may lose weight due to the fiber content, but you will feel better, look better, and have less inflammation.

b. Declutter those cabinets and fridge.

i. Fewer processed foods around to tempt you when these areas are clean.

8. Spring Cleanse & Physical Activity Routine

a. Partake in a total body cleanse once a year to clean out the different body channels. This will help the body function better and alleviate the sluggish feeling because you are cleaning the system out from debris that has been there for a while.

b. If you are not moving, get moving. If you move a little, find ways to move more than you are.

i. 90 minutes three to four times a week will do the trick.

c. Have a Certified Personal Trainer design you a program to help you get more active. Monitor what you do and how it makes you feel. After a month or two evaluate how having a routine has changed your life.

9. Document Hoarding?

a. Whip out that shredder and begin to get rid of all those papers or flyers that you have been holding on to for years that you don’t need.

b. Scan what you need and upload them to a cloud or a backup drive.

c. Organize your papers, put them in a place where you can find them when you need them. If the document is over 7 years old, ask yourself do you need it. If so, why?

10. Digital

a. Clean up the files.

i. Delete what you don’t need and store what you do need.

ii. Change your passwords. (Change passwords every 90 to 180 days)

b. Mind your social groups. If you have not visited a group in 90 days, do you still need to be in that group? If so, why?

11. Bonus- Recycle or Upcycle

a. Before throwing out things you no longer need or use. Do you or someone you know has a creative gene? These days upcycling and recycling can earn you some cash.

i. Consider turning a door into a table, a ladder into a lamp or shelves, bicycle tires into jewelry, t-shirts into bags, wine glass into light fixtures. The list is endless for things you can transform; so, whether you are creative or not you can try to see what gem you can turn into a diamond. If you don’t do it for yourself, best believe someone will turn your goods into a treasure for their gain. Check out our upcycled jewelry made out of bike tires.


Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. If you don’t like where you are at during this time of your life or something or someone no longer serves you, make a decision to bring things to a halt. No one is obligated to stay the same or be stuck in an unbearable situation or environment. Everyone has the power to spruce up their life by starting fresh no matter what the season is; it is as simple as making that choice. Need to speak to a wellness or life coach to help you make some Spring-cleaning shifts or for a fresh start? Contact us here to set-up a 15-minute complimentary clarity call. We will work with you to build the confidence you seek to find your fresh start.

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