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10 Dairy Free Brands That will have you say Bye-Bye to Dairy 4 Good!

Hi there! Welcome to Dairy-Free/Dairy Alternative Month.

Are you ready to get rid of dairy from your life but do not know how or where to start? Take a deep breath. We have you covered, we have been in the dairy alternative game for a while now and have tasted most if not all that are out there and can honestly say all are not created equal, but there are quite a few that make the top of the list when searching for great dairy alternatives. Some brands just stand out above the others and if you want that cheese or creamy milk flavor we recommend these 10 dairy-free brands to help you transition over with ease. These brands don't just have plant-based cheeze, some offer butter, ice cream, yogurt, mayo, pudding, and milk too. The options are endless so there really is no need to ever have to ingest dairy unless you want to because these manufacturers do such a great job

  1. Miyokos Creamery

  2. Amazing butter, hard and soft cheese and pizza dough

  3. Daiya

  4. Pizza, shredded cheese, sliced cheese, yogurt, string cheese, ice cream

  5. Treeline

  6. Hard and soft cheese, cream cheese, shreds

  7. Violife

  8. Amazing gradable parmesan, shreds, slices

  9. So Delicious Dairy Free

  10. Ice cream, shreds

  11. Follow Your Heart

  12. Salad dressing, shreds, slices, pancakes, eggs, sour cream, cream cheese

  13. Forager Project

  14. Butter, Milk

  15. Oatly

  16. Milk, Ice cream, creamers

  17. Nadamoo

  18. Ice cream

  19. Planet Oat

  20. Milk, Ice cream

*Bonus Wayfare or Wayfare foods - This brand is not widely distributed but the flavors are delicious which is why it is worth mentioning. They have butter, cream cheese, dips, pudding and cheesy sauces which are all free of most if not all allergens.

Dairy-Free alternatives are plentiful these days, however, if you are in the United States, we highly recommend you give these brands a try to cater to your taste buds, health concerns and even the planet. Daiya cheese melted makes some of the best-grilled cheeze sandwiches you ever tasted; you won’t believe it is not cheese. Add some garlic and basil and your taste buds will be in heaven. You will be truly shocked by how good and close to the real thing it is. This June, choose to explore all that the dairy-free/dairy alternative has to offer. Most brands are offering discounts on their sites or having sales in supermarkets where their products are sold. Some stores are even sampling dairy products so give them a try.

Dairy-Free Challenge

Up for the task? How about going dairy free for 7 to 10 days? That's right no cheese, no butter, no milk or products with them in it. Ready-Set-Go!

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