About Us!


We are an health and wellness, eco-friendly/sustainable boutique for those who are socially-conscious and holistically health inclined.

Our fervidness for educating and promoting natural/organic, eco-friendly/sustainable, and inspirational products came about because we believe that such products can bring great harmony and awareness to people's lives via encouragement and inspiration. 

Simply put, we offer products that can help people feel and look good daily while doing so consciously. We provide natural incense, perfumes, eco-friendly/sustainable, inspirational goods, housewares, and accessories as solutions. We want you to walk away feeling beyond satisfied about the experience you had with us. We pick only products/items that we believe will enhance your total being, including holistic health, lifestyle, and environment. We know 90% of our manufacturers personally and are impressed with how they conduct their business.

The team loves hosting events, workshops, exercising, meditating, dancing, reading, and having an exceptional ole time traveling to various destinations in our spare time. Our earth has afforded us so much opportunity to do and see so many things, and we utilize every moment to enjoy it.

​Thanks for taking the time to discover what inspires us. We hope that you will join us on the journey of conscious living! Check out our blog post, where we share tips on holistic health, wellness, nutrition, personal development, conscious living, and sustainable thing(z). 

Consciously Living Every Day,

The EN Team!