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About Us!


We are an health & wellness, natural/organic, eco-friendly/sustainable space for those who are socially-conscious and holistically inclined or want to be.

Our fervidness for educating and promoting such holistic segments came about because we believe that products can bring great harmony and awareness to people's lives. An example would be when we burn incense or use our diffusers while being in that still moment, answers can come into our minds to questions that we may have had for days and did not know which direction to take.

Simply put, we offer products as solutions to help people become more conscious of how powerful they are when they are armed with the right tools and wisdom to make choices that can impact their well-being and environment.         


We only promote products/items that we believe will enhance your total being, inclusive of holistic health (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally), lifestyle, and environmental. We know 98% of our manufacturers personally and are impressed with how they conduct their businesses, which is why we conduct business with them.

The Earthy Natural's team is inspired by nature and is so impressed by the many things that can be done in it, around it to comfort the soul. When we are not working, we are out exploring nature, traveling or just living in the moment. When is the last time you relaxed and just lived in the moment?

​​Thanks for taking the time to discover what inspires us. We hope that you will join us on the journey of conscious living! Check out our blog, where we share tips on holistic health, wellness, nutrition, personal & professional development, conscious living, and sustainable thing(z). 

Consciously Living Every Day,

The EN Team!

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