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Feeling stressed, need to relax? Try this Jasmine diffuser, it is super sleek fits in just about any environment and is unisex, which is why both the gals and the guys love this precious gem. This Jasmine Diffuser is one of the best on the market due to its simple, luxurious design and long misting time (20 to 24 hours) in interval mode. There is nothing like leaving your space and coming back to it smelling just like the essential oil scent(s) you released in it. Try the lavender essential oil to help you relax or some peppermint oil to open your sinuses, orange or lemon to uplift your mind/body/spirit. 

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Reusable Face Mask

Protect yourself, protect others, consider a reusable, breathable, all-day wearing, fair trade, face mask that comes with a pouch. There is also a carabiner attached to the pouch so that you can take it everywhere. The face mask covers your face and wraps comfortably around your head and/or ears and will save you from purchasing single-use face masks that end up in landfills, on the streets, and in the oceans. Together lets keep our planet clean and safe from excessive waste. Mother Earth takes care of us, so please remember to take care of her. She is deserving of our genuine love. 

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Water Bottle Slings

Earthy Naturals & Thingz offers eco-friendly water bottle slings made of recycled plastic water bottles for your water bottles to reside in vs. carrying in your hands. This unique, one of a kind sling is one of our favorite items because it is (1) eco-friendly/sustainable, (2) promotes health & wellness by reminding people to walk/move, and (3) it reminds one to hydrate; encouraging users to bring water with them. This is surely a Triple Threat for enhanced well-being.