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Premium Bamboo Utensil Set

Buh-bye plastic, hello bamboo chopsticks, spoon, knife, straw and fork set. These high quality bamboo sets are nicely enclosed in a repurposed pouch with an attached handy carabiner. The carabiner can clip on just about anything and is ready to go with you wherever you go. Take it to lunch, the park, picnics, carry on your backpack, purse, belt buckle or simply leave in the car. No need to ever get caught with plastic cutlery again. Bottle opener, straw, knife, spoon, fork and chopsticks enclosed.

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Upcycled Jewelry

Check-out our collection of upcycled unique stylish earrings designed from bicycle tires. They come in all types of styles, large and small and are as lite as a feather. Yes, we  even have feathers in two sizes. These are definitely show stoppers.

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Water Bottle Slings

Earthy Naturals offers this eco-friendly water bottle sling made of recycled plastic water bottles for water bottles to reside in vs. carrying in your hands. This unique, one of a kind sling is one of our favorite items because it is:

  1.  Eco-friendly/sustainable. (Made of recycled materials.)

  2.  Promotes health & wellness by reminding people to walk/move more.

  3. Encourages you to bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

This is a triple threat for great health & sustainability


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